Island Marina Association

Created in 1988, our Marina is a non profit organization that manages 120 slips.

Most of the organization and legal work was completed in the latter part of 1988 with 1989 the first summer of operation for the Association. 


The marina was first known as the Castle Marina and the original owner Richard Walston operated a marina on the 6 acre property from about 1957 until selling it to an entity named TOABE Corp. which was made up of a brave group of slip users who stepped forward to create the Island Marina Association and began the difficult process of creating the association made up of owners of individually titled slips. The original purchase price was $3.2 million of which $1.125 million was financed by the seller and ultimately repaid thru proceeds of the sale of slips. An offering was made to the general public in February of 1989 to sell the slips that were still available and unsold from the original organizing effort.

More information forthcoming as our site develops.

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